Cinema changes lives.


What We Do

We create visual stories to share with your audience.

We believe that motion pictures help the world see things that must be seen. We think that passion and hard work is better than fancy gadgets and a degree. We don’t care who gets the credit – we’re all about molding an idea into a living motion picture that inspires audiences to view the world in a new light. We’re constantly asking questions and digging into why your story is unique, different and how it can be told.

Ladge is a word that means taking action, being selfless, carrying passion with you at every turn in life, and leaving it all on the field. Every time we step behind a camera on set, we believe it is a privilege, and we’re honored to hone our craft each and every day, and are constantly inspired by our clients.

Motion pictures we’re good at…

Branded Content

What does that mean? Basically, your brand is your company. We help your brand come to life by giving it words, cinematography, movement, and sound. When done right, video can drive your message better than any other medium.


You have 30 seconds to tell the world about who you are. So are you going to stand in front of a teleprompter and read a script? No. Get people excited and tell a story – we can do this in as little as 30 seconds.


You won’t find corporate video in our team of filmmakers. We’re film school geeks who have studied the classics and know what it takes to create a movie and are always looking to shoot something epic.

The Filmmakers

We’re a team of doers, with real knowledge of how each step in the production process is paramount to the final image on screen.

Anthony Janssen

Writer + Director

Ryan Dent


Greg Wetzel

Editor + Animator


Our clients define us. We get excited to work with these individuals.

``Telling our company's story with Ladge Media has been invaluable. From initial brainstorming to sharing it with customers, the video content has captured our core values, customer relationships and the value of our product.``

12Twenty, Inc.